Sibtec Advanced Models

All of our Sibtec Models effectively slit logs of: Foam, Rubber, Non-Woven Textiles, Foil, PVC, Coated Materials and Many More

500 Series


600 Series


700 Series


ALS Sibtec


The Sibtec automatic roll slitter has an advanced control system, it incorporates twin axis digital servo control for both indexing and cutting which results in high accuracy slitting. When starting the machine or changing the blade the machine will measure the blade diameter with a laser. After measuring the blade it is put in the correct position for cutting through the core. The Mandrel size is programmable parameter. This robust machine is ideally suited for heavy duty 24 hour operation, with instant changeover between jobs production is maximised.
      • Maximum Log Diameter – 500 / 600 / 700mm 20″ / 24” / 28”
      • Maximum log width – 1650/1800/2100 mm 63/72/83″
      • Core size – 25 – 152mm 1″ – 6″
      • Tolerance – +/- 0.003mm
      • Electrical specification – To suit local supply
The 700 Sibtec effectively slits logs of: foam, rubber, cork, graphite,non-woven textiles, vinyl, technical tapes, pressure sensitive tapes, self adhesive materials, foil, PVC, graphite, cork, coated materials, polyester, polyethylene and many other similar materials.

Advanced Level Features
    • Full Window Based colour touch screen and PLC control with large memory capacity to store cutting parameters for each product; blade/mandrel speed and directions, 3 variable cutting rates through the material and core, cut widths and blade angles, grinder frequency, spraying frequency, first cut position and diameter settings etc. Automatic blade depth setting.
    • Cycle time, batch timer and cuts per minute displayed on screen
    • Ability to cut up to 4 different widths per cycle
    • Heavy duty blade grinder with deburr facility programmed via the touch screen.
    • Driven or free rotating blade, braked blade if required
    • Automatic blade angle setting
    • Automatic roll gripping
    • Powered mandrel support for fast loading and unloading
    • Twin sprayer system with injector cleaning
    • Advanced fault diagnostics, help screens, I/O display, network connection for remote assistance
    • Password protection for programme settings
    • Laser measurement of blade diameter with auto depth setting
    • Automatic blade protector for safe loading and unloading of material
    • Heavy duty interlocked guarding
    • Stainless steel drip and splash trays to prevent corrosion
    • Cutting lubricant level control
    • Operator friendly control system
    • Programmes stored by name and number
    • Screen language selection
High Accuracy Slitter = Higher Yield
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Save waste, energy and man hours
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