Combo Machines

Our Saw Cutting Machines have powerful motors which will rapidly cut: Protection Tape, Film, Silicone Paper, Polyethylene, Coated & Non Coated Plastic Films

ALS Combo Slitting Machines

Combo machines can slit a huge variety of products from soft foams to hard protection films
  • Additional saw blade mandrel assembly and saw blade
  • Powerful force ventilated motor
  • Heavy duty mandrel support
  • Interchangeable blade guards
  • Extraction nozzles and piping
  • Simple touchscreen selection for standard or saw blade slitting
  • Safety control system ensures all settings are correct when changing between the two types of blade
  • Waste extraction system with touchscreen control
  • Extra roll support for wide logs to eliminate deflection for superior slit edge quality
  • Roll Diameter: 300 – 700mm
  • S-Tec or Sibtec Control Systems
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