KDD Synchronous Sheeter for Board

These Sheeters produce cost effective solutions for Converters and Mills for both establish paper and board together with coated and complex materials.

KDD Synchronous Sheeter for Board

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  • Automatic Slitter Positioning
  • Stack Discharge at Maximum Speed with Zero Sheet Loss
  • Scratch and Mark Free Overlapping System
  • Ream and Scratch Discharge
  • In-Line Ream Wrapping and Packaging
  • Warehouse Control

The KDD Synchronous sheeters is available to work on Board and paper. Features Widths available from 1m – 4m Reel diameters up to 2.5m Simplex or Duplex sheeting KD Synchronous Sheeter for paper Speed range 250 – 350 m/minute Sheet length accuracy +/- 0.5mm Sheet length range A4 – 2m Multiple unwind stands Automatic roll feeding and splicing systems.

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