Manual Log Slitter

The ALS Intro-slit Manual Log Slitter is capable of slitting a wide range of materials: Double and Single Sided Tape, Self-Adhesive Vinyl, Foil, Filmic Tape, Plastic, Pressure Sensitive Tape and many other similar products.

ALS Intro Slit

This compact manual slitting machine was initially designed for the small converter, it is a space efficient log slitter and has the option to include an unwind facility whereby users can save money by purchasing jumbo rolls of material, winding to the required length and slitting to width.
  • Maximum roll width – 1600/1800/2100mm 63/72/83″
  • Maximum roll diameter – 300mm
  • Core Size – 75mm / 3″(other on request)
  • Maximum blade diameter – 360mm
  • Indexing tolerance – +/- 0.5mm 0.02″
  • Electrical supply – to suit local supply
Although the Intro-slit is aimed at the smaller converter/distributor with low volume slitting this economic machine will effectively handle a wide range of materials including: double and single sided tape, self adhesive vinyl, foil, filmic tape, plastic, pressure sensitive tape and many other similar products.

Machine Features

  • Manual width setting using digital display
  • Locking system for blade carriage when cutting through material
  • Variable speed mandrel drive adjusted via a potentiometer
  • Braked or rotating blade with blade lubricant wiper system
  • Simple control system

Step and Repeat system – this system automatically locks the stop in place to a preset width, once moved to the set and the cut performed it resets for the next cut.
Unwind – this features includes a swing out mandrel for rolls up to 150 kgs, 600mm/24″ diameter, metre counter and a pneumatic brake for tension control. Rewind jumbo rolls to required length prior to slitting.
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