Pasquato TR Precision Slitter Rewinder

Using our Rewinding machines, converting, slitting and trimming processes can be automated. With the higher precision compared to manual use, excess production and reclamation’s are minimized.

Pasquato TR Precision Slitter Rewinder 100m/min.


This Slitting and Rewinding Machine is suitable for the following materials –
  • Pre Preg
  • PVC
  • Screen Print Media
  • Self Adhesive Vinyls
  • Rubber
  • Films
  • Many More
The TR Model is a compact machine that is very easy to set up and run a variety of materials. We can offer the machine is various sizes and configurations to meet the customer requirements. A single unwind feeds the slitting section. Either Razor or rotary knives can be used to slit to width and rewind onto two shafts in the front of the machine.


Features Include –
  • Unwind Position for One Roll
  • Air Shaft Unwind with Pneumatic Brake Controlling the Unwind Tension
  • Manual or Automatic Edge Guide
  • Slitting Facility with Either Razor or Rotary Shear Blades
  • Anti-Static Bar
  • Variable Speed Running
  • Rewinding onto 2 Air Bars using Friction Rewinding for Tension Control
  • Meter Counter for Rewind Length
  • Working Widths – 1500 / 1700 / 2100mm
  • Unwind Roll Diameter – 400-1000mm max
  • Reel Weight – 100-500Kgs unwind
  • Min Slitting Width – 15mm
  • Max Rewind Diameter – 500mm(other on reuest)
  • Max Rewinding Speed – 100m/min
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