Spare Parts

Spare parts and consumable items for roll slitting machines

The spare parts that we have in stock are:

Blades / Cutting Sleeves / Cutting Lubricant / Grinding Wheels

Standard Diameters

250mm 500mm
250mm 500mm
300mm 550mm
360mm 600mm
400mm 700mm
450mm 810mm
470mm F or B Profile

B Profile
for Hard Materials and wide Widths
F Profile for Soft Products

Standard Outside Diameters

74.5mm natural
75mm yelllow
75.5mm blue
76mm red
76.5 grey


Grinding and Deburr Wheels

Large grinding wheel 19mm or 32mm bore
Deburr wheel  
Hard grind stone  
Diamond dresser  


Cutting Lubricant

Silicone Fluid 25kgs

100 kgs 
200 kgs

Non silicone fluid 25 kgs

100 kgs
200 kgs

General Spare Parts

Proximity switch
Proximity lead
Guard safety swtich
Lifting guard struts
Magnetic blade guard

Automatic blade grinder

Variable speed control
Re-circulating coolant
Borazon grinding wheel
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